sewing thread

Sewing thread used daily in sewing machines refers to the thread used for stitching up textile materials, plastics, leather products and sewing books and periodicals. Sewing thread has seamability, durability and appearance quality.
Long staple cotton thread: this kind of cotton thread is the most used, it is using long staple cotton, through combing, burning hair, silk light, and high density twist, so the tension is better than ordinary combed cotton. Often for pure cotton clothing and other pure cotton fabrics for sewing use specifications 20 / 2 (60 / 4), 20 / 3 (60 / 6) 40 / 2,40 / 3,20 / 9
Pure cotton thread: generally divided into general comb and comb two parts, the real 100% pure cotton thread can be used to do the car seam for fully combed cotton. Generally use 402,202,203 more. Is the cotton area of high quality cotton comb burned hair. Cotton thread is often used for pure cotton clothing and other pure cotton fabrics.
---Smooth surface, soft luster, good elasticity, high temperature resistance. Used for sewing woolen clothing, satin fabric; rayon has bright colors, but poor strength, poor moisture absorption, the price is cheaper. Most people are used for machine embroidery.
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