Thick material sewing machine long time movement is easy to lead to the problem

Long time movement of the thick material sewing machine is easy to cause the sewing machine noise or needle jumping and other problems. How can we solve this problem?
1. There are many reasons for the noise of the sewing machine. If the vibration of the machine working for a long time makes the screws of the sewing machine loose, it will lead to the noise of the sewing machine. Less oil causes a large gap between the bevel gear, or long-term wear and noise between the parts of the machine, etc. are common, so if we make the machine makes a noise, we have to distinguish the sound of which part from the sound, and then check.
2, sewing machine jumping needle: in a long time of sewing operations, the machine needle bending, the operator installed the machine needle in reverse will cause the jumping needle, this situation is to change the machine needle, or reinstall the machine needle. The gap between the spindle tip and the concave surface of the needle is 0.05mm, and if the gap between the spindle tip and the needle concave surface exceeds 0.05mm. The reason for the jumping needle is that the wear of the spindle tip is more serious. If there is a jumping needle, we should pay attention to check these places, and then to solve accordingly.
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